Centre for Educational Technology

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Welcome to the Centre for Educational Technology

Acknowledging the role of technology in disruption in education sector, specifically large countries like India, the Centre for Educational Technology (CET) was established in 1995. Since its inception, CET is incessantly working to improve quality of education through pedagogical and technological innovations. CET, right from the beginning, inculcates and promotes interdisciplinary culture by accommodating faculty members and researchers from diverse expertise and disciplines ranging from humanities, social science and engineering.

Research and innovation in pedagogy and designing learning experiences have been the focus of CET research groups. Effectiveness of these innovations and their relations with cognition and learner behavior are other focused research domains. The researchers in CET are also working to come up with artificial intelligence-based solutions pertaining to problems of large scale and online education. The research domains in this line include automatic answer grading, learning analytics, speech processing for second language acquisition, learning experience design for differently abled and others. ...read more)